The NBA & your Business – A lesson in talent

What the NBA and sports leagues can teach you about your businesses growth.

With the NBA trade deadline having passed (by the time I post this) there is a review of the league to see there are a few teams at the elite top. a group of teams that are very good, but just below that elite level and a group that are enjoying the revenue sharing in the middle to bottom. Its more about reviewing the competitive edge that drives us, to what extent and how we label success.  When it comes to sports championships rule, builds legacies and followings (fans). There comes a point when you have to remember professional sports are jobs and companies in it as a business, not just a trophy.

That being said when it comes to being in the group one step below elite how do you measure yourself? Are you competitive all season long, but the pundits and fans know that you don’t match up against the Cavaliers and Warriors of the league?  That’s ok, I know many people don’t want to hear it, but there are companies that will always be elite, a cut above the rest. This doesn’t mean that we don’t stop trying, but we have to make the right decisions at the right time to make that run, to grow your brand.  In the eyes of the NBA there are only a few ways of going from the middle of the road to championship status if you aren’t there already, and this is finding talent in the draft. But with the draft being in a particular fashion that rewards those that do the worst it puts teams and leaders into a predicament.

Do you tank, weaken your roster and look for the next great young talent (like the Philadelphia 76ers) or do you try and slowly build with middle of the road lottery picks (like the Detroit Pistons, Boston Celtics etc)?  Do you try and build through free agency (which is very hard with the rules in place)?  The reason for bringing this ups is twofold, its topical for the time of year and it’s a great way to review how we grow talent, businesses and leadership.

When it comes to your business you don’t have to be the greatest business in the city (recognized) just the best for your customers. Same can be said for a sports team, even if you’re not winning championships but you are giving your fans something to be proud of you can be successful.  When it comes to growing your leadership, talent and company it’s about making timely decisions and growing your bench.  One must have foresight in where the company is headed and the staff you will need.  If you wait until you need a new CFO, you will be in dire need.  Just as the San Antonio spurs stash International players overseas to develop you must plan on your future.  You will often times watch some move on to other projects, companies or leave for poor performance but the constant state of coaching and promoting talent within is how your company continues to grow and finds the talent needed to raise your level of success.

There are times under the wrong management we can lose sight of the future and risk our future on the shoulders of tomorrow (similar to Brooklyn nets trading 2 draft pics away).  Planning for tomorrow and winning today follow similar paths, but we must be aware of what our goals are and ensure we have the right people growing with us. To think people will not falter, look for new challenges or have life issues is to be short sighted.  We must always be looking to our minor leagues, lower levels and coaching up.  It’s through this constant state of coaching, teaching and growing that we can keep our businesses growing and successful.

Utilizing our Range Solutions will help your company make the right decisions, build a growth based operation leading to a successful today and tomorrow.

Our Range Company Solutions.
Our Range Company Solutions.

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