The 5am Sunday Meeting & Self Awareness

This is not to say that you need to have a meeting at 5am on a Sunday; this is about conforming to your team to help them when it’s convenient for them; not you.  You can gain much more from the direction you are giving if you are sacrificing on your end just to give the message.  Through this small sacrifice we gain the undivided attention of those we are working with and coaching.

There was a location having operational issues, overall mismanagement and consistent profitability issues; We took the time to meet with the managers at their 5am crossover.  We could have easily made them come to us mid week in the afternoon but that would change the sentiment of the meeting.  By going to them on a Sunday at 5am to talk to them it showed that this is more than a blip on our radar but something that affects our daily life and we am treating it as such.  If you always make others conform to your schedule, your ideals and your structure you won’t be nearly as effective as you can be.

The message at 5am is received with proper purpose, as opposed to defensive kick back by making them come at an inconvenient time for their routine.  By showing up at that time and date, where the problem is happening, though inconvenient you gain the respect and attention immediately of those whom you are giving your message to.  Instead it hits home at a time that is quiet (early Sunday) and allows for undivided attention.  By putting their schedule first (almost to an extreme) you are working to remove obstacles for the message to be perceived and acted on properly.

“What do you think is more effective, a meeting at 5am on a Sunday to correct issues with Sundays shift, or a meeting on Wednesday afternoon to address it?” 

We had their attention before we even opened our mouth; seeing us walk in at 5am got their undivided attention to the problem they were already aware of and not properly addressing.  The human condition has the ability to help and hurt us in how we manage situation, react to variables around us and allow emotion to control our motivations. The common practice for a meeting is to set a time, sit down and review at my discretion (leader of the meeting); it changes the attention and importance of the information when it’s given to them in this fashion.

Next time you need to get someone’s attention at work, show a little humility, sacrifice and show it’s a team effort and see how the results and overall effort needed is changed.  Rarely when operating, coaching or interacting do many of us pay attention to how ever detail can affect the way we are perceived; leading to diminished returns on our work relationships and ability to lead.  Self awareness takes time (some never truly achieve it), but it is key to leading those around us properly. Without being aware of whom we are how we are perceived and our actions affect on those around us we will never lead to our full potential.

The ability to be aware of who we are and how we affect others can sometimes be of greater importance in our ability to lead than the knowledge we have in our field.  Though it may seem to be farfetched, think of those you’ve worked with in the past that have great knowledge but fail to work well with others, lack common sense or have minimal social skills and can’t truly help the team.  Whether you are looking for support for your career, solutions for your company or to rescue your company from ultimate demise we at Blue Rock have the tools to help you succeed.


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