How far are you willing to go? Almost 4K miles in 90hrs?

Almost 4K miles later – What have we learned

I sit hear flying back from a 90hr trip that took me over 2,300 miles in the air and 1,500 miles driving.  What could cause someone to take such an over the top trip; life and the pursuit of success, that’s what.  The question you have to ask is what are you willing to do to ensure your dream comes true? Are you willing to adjust your dream, maybe not the ultimate goal, but the terms of that goal?  If you are leading a company and you want to be the CEO someday, is it a failure if you become the CEO of a different company and lead them to success?

Goals in life adjust, adapt and take us on journeys we may never otherwise expect. It is up to us to see the opportunity in front of us, work hard and adjust where it is needed.  Back to the reason for this most recent trip to review a market that has potential to be purchased (existing businesses) and the growth potential behind it.  Someone without the right experience isn’t going to see the same things that someone with a keen eye would see.  If you’re an inexperience fisherman trying to catch fish on a lake with the wrong lure; an experienced fisherman would know right away what you are doing wrong.

That is why you have to trust people who know more than you in certain areas, do the research to better understand their knowledge and put in the overall work needed to grasp the totality of the project ahead.  When looking at businesses for purchase (take restaurants for example) there are several items you need to review.

  • The state of the equipment
    • How do you know for certain?
    • Working with the local equipment companies that have been working on them. They know them already, and aren’t tied to one company or another.
  • The state of the staffing/management ect
    • Going into the units staying and making small talk with the staff/managers to feel them out.
    • Are they happy or disgruntled?
  • Need to be inside the four walls
    • You can’t be certain until you’ve walked in, felt the air in the building, the culture (or lack thereof) and state of the economy around it.
    • What do the neighboring businesses say about it, what do their competitors say about it?
  • Where are your future customers coming from, and are they coming quickly enough?
    • If your demographic information is 18-24 or 18-34 for your average customer base, then you want to take advantage of growing a relationship with the schools.
    • How do they feel about the brand in the market?
      • If you have a strong presence with your high schools, then you get a tapped future customer base for 10+ years to come.

What does any of this have to do about travel, time spent and success?  Simply stated even if you have to push the limits of your day, week or month for the chance at greater success remember the memory of it all is always a bit rosier.  Even the most stressful things in our lives we have a tendency to sweeten them up.


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