What My Mothers Funeral Taught me about Legacy!

I’ll never forget my mother’s funeral, not for the reason you might think.  It was quite the opposite of a somber and sad day.  Before you get all confused, my mother fought cancer as well as other debilitating issues that made accepting the finality more accepted.  What I mean in that is the doctors didn’t think she would see me graduate high school and she survived another decade.  Her perseverance and complete positive outlook through the darkest moments in her life made me the person I am today with the drive I have.

“It’s hard to call off of work or skip school when your under the weather if your mother doesn’t complain while fighting cancer and enduring chemo with the utmost grace and positivity.”

So how did her funeral have such a profound effect on my life? As we were going through usual emotions and family greetings throughout the day the more I noticed people staying around all day to talk and visit. I didn’t think anything of it at the time but as we grew closer to the prayer service the funeral home kept filling up with more and more people. Former students (she was a teacher before she became too sick) from almost ten years earlier. Old friends, fellow teachers and childhood friends. I was beyond moved at the where volume and array of people coming out to pay they’re respects and speak of her.

I always knew she was thought highly of from the way she interacted and was always there for her students, friends and family. But witnessing decades of friends, family and students speaking to how she impacted their lives was the turning point. It showed me the power of giving to those around you and the impact one person can have on so many people.

It’s through this evening that I started to hear my mother’s teachings internally every day. No longer was I trying to embrace her teachings, I was living them daily. I truly hope through the hard work and devotion to those I call friends, family, coworkers and clients will look to me as so many have my mother. To me that would be the ultimate compliment.

To see how she affected so many lives beyond the basic lesson plan, beyond the shoulder to lean on.  She had her faults as we all do, but didn’t judge the faults in others but work to help those around her to see through there own issues.  If we work hard to build something we can be proud, but imagine if you helped inspire others to do the same. Instead of the one building you helped erect, there would be a city to surround and support it.

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