About - Blue Rock Consultants
Dedication to success for your business (restaurant)

What is Blue Rock?

Blue Rock was founded by Charles D’Amico to maximize a restaurants profitability and success.  Due to the relationships with the vendors within the restaurant (service industry as a whole) Charles and Blue Rock started to branch out to many other companies.  Working with HVAC companies, alternative finance companies as well as food distribution companies Blue Rock has found a way to help small and large businesses alike maximize their profitability through systems development, operations evaluation and PnL solutions.

Blue Rock has worked within the service industry (Restaurants) for nearly two decades helping companies maximize their ability to profit with simple, real world solutions and support. It’s about leaving a lasting impression that carries on long after we’re gone.  We have repeated our success across different industries from single unit restaurants, multi-unit franchises, web development companies as well as maintenance companies (HVAC & Refrigeration).  It was through these industries that we developed our Peak programs to support current and future industry leaders providing the necessary coaching and support needed to reach the next level (C level leadership).

What do we specialize in?

Having been founded in the restaurant industry to serve and grow small businesses Blue Rock has grown to serve many facets of the service industry where services and commodities are exchanged.  When dealing with people (both as customer and as employees) there are common facets to many industries that can be evaluated, improved and repeated.  One of our specialties that we have built a name on is our Operations evaluation and systems development package where we develop operations (defined) within your company to improve your customer intake process, transfer to project managers and project completion.

How did we get from Restaurants to other industries, how does it translate?  The simple answer is that people are the common factor in any and all companies (restaurants to financial companies).  When you are lacking in systematized operations your team will waste time repeating, back tracking and fixing issues that a simple system would prevent.  When you remove these hurdles your team has the ability to focus on innovation and improvements for your company.  Just like a restaurant that is lacking in recipes, operational systems (cleanliness) & work rules your management team has to work tirelessly to manage from their hip. This wastes time, loses money and slows operational growth; whether in a restaurant, maintenance company or office human nature stays constant.

What Industries have we worked with? (Range Programs)

Restaurants Fine Dining, Sports bars, Quick Service (Fast Food), Franchises, Catering and Food Trucks
Maintenance Heating & Cooling, Refrigeration, Kitchen equipment Plumbing and Contractors
Financial Industry alternative lenders, loan underwriters & Loan companies
Tech Industry Security Companies, Point of Sale, Web Developers and Tech Startups

What Services do we Provide?

Operations Evaluation and Systems Development
Inventory Evaluation and Systems Development
Human Resources Analytics and Analysis (Labor control and Growth potential)
Bonus Systems Development to drive operations

Custom Intake Forms (Sales team to Project Management)
Partnership Building (bridging companies)
Margin Maximizing through operations and PnL Evaluation
Problem Solving Workshops
Leadership workshops
Leadership Development Programs

Just to name a few.

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