The Words of Our Past – To Contribute a Verse

“That you are Here-that life exists and identity, That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.” – Walt Whitman

The words of the past prove that the human spirit has been and is still alive. We strive to be a part of something bigger than ourselves; to do something great. The hard part is realizing to do something great we must complete many small tasks. Greatness isn’t one single event, it isn’t one moment in our lives. Greatness may be noticed in one event, but it’s the culmination of the events, obstacles and challenges you have overcome to get to that moment.

In the age we live in today we have access to so much information, access to so many people we become paralyzed by what we can do and forget to do anything. We get distracted by all the information coming our way we don’t take the time to listen to the words we are being fed. We just take it at face value; we forget that in life we are here, we exist and we have an identity. What is your identity, what to you portray to the world and those around you.

What is your verse, what are you leaving behind and what are you yet to accomplish? Many of us hold on to our inner feelings, inner thoughts and dreams and fail to act on them. When we were child we saw the world as endless possibilities because we didn’t understand failure, we didn’t understand the word no. We couldn’t walk and we would work at it every day for years until we perfected it. We couldn’t talk and we worked at it, learned from others, from pure observation to gain the skills we need to survive.

Our goals, our dreams need to be addressed in this same manner. We need to look to them for survival; survival of self. At what point in our lives do we accept failure? Failure is the exact definition of progress; when learning to walk each time we took a step and fell, we learned from it and made sure to correct it next time. As we grow we take those failures and allow fear to come in and prevent us from taking another step.

What makes some of stand outside of the herd, the median and see things from a different perspective? Are we any different than the rest or are we the culmination of our events? Were we given a choice in our lives to follow the path or to look to the path less traveled?

“I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

There are words written and spoken through the generations that show the human spirit stepping outside of the norm. Why do so many of us stick to the median, fall in line, follow the cadence of life? I recently was watching “The Dead Poets Society” and it brought these thoughts up inside me once more. As you watch Keating explain the beauty in free thinking and the harshness of life pushing back to drive one to suicide. Why are so many afraid to push for their dream, we are just as likely to fail in one facet as we are another. The well traveled path has less chance for victory; we are competing against the masses.

What is the point of all of these questions, these thoughts? It is to ask ourselves why so many of us are willing to contribute a verse but in its most simplistic and social form. We leave comments on social media, comment on news sites but we don’t truly contribute a verse. Where are our great writers of today’s age? Are we losing the beauty of verse, to inspire to grow to challenge? We need to really look at the way we communicate in comments, not true thoughts. Many of us try to reach the masses with well thought out and inspired words but is drowned out by the superficial in mass quantities. Take a moment and look at what you are spreading when you talk, are you truly aware of the words that you use in conviction.

I shall contribute a verse

I shall raise my voice amongst the masses

To teach and inspire others to find truth without hate

To leave disdain at the door and truly converse

To leave hatred and defensiveness at the threshold

I shall contribute a verse

To come together in the beauty that is the collective

To rekindle the drive once born with

To overcome the fears as one and not individual in many

I shall contribute a verse

To teach others to do the same – To Inspire

To truly reach for my goals, regardless of the heights

I shall contribute a verse

To stare into the void of darkness and be the light

We shall contribute our verse!