It’s not an easy job building a restaurant from the ground up. Working to build a menu, a brand and staff it properly takes lots of time and energy. Ensuring you have the proper systems and operations to be repeated and the standard set whether you are there or not is just one way we help you maximize your profits and time. When you work to keep your staff working properly, utilizing defined systems and rules allow you to make it about the brand (company) and less about the employee and supervisor involved in the coaching opportunity.

The key to maximizing your restaurant is systems that can be measured and repeated. Utilizing these ideals as a guide to ensuring all dishes are made the same and staff coached the same goes along way in developing profits and future growth.

Questions to ask yourself when auditing your restaurant?


  • Do you audit your labor per dollar sold?
  • Do you know what shifts to maximize your sales to labor ratio with?
  • What is the most sales per hour each hour of labor per position can generate?


  • What is the gap between purchases and usage?
  • What are your problem areas?
  • Do you utilize defined recipes?


  • Do you have defined opening and closing procedures?
  • Who audits, where is the follow up?
  • What training and materials do you have?

Even with this guide making sure you cover all basis can be hard. While dealing with daily operations, scheduling and ordering often times systems fall through the cracks.

though it takes time, once completed they save time, energy and money. Ask about our Range solutions for your restaurant.

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