You may have the best and brightest developers, top of the line hardware and software but who is helping develop the systems needed to grow your business? How do you hold your staff accountable, keep deadlines and communicate properly? Having the right tools is only the beginning, it takes a solid blue print and set system to ensure you turnover projects in a timely manner.

A few questions to ask yourself about your company?

What is your division of labor?

  • What does it cost you per customer in delays and project time?
  • Where are your weaknesses you can strengthen?
  • Do you have set time lines for steps in development?

Do you have a finite set of systems?

  • how do you measure a good project from a poor one?
  • What is your standard to be met internally?

These are just a few questions we ask and support when working to maximize your companies development and profits through our Range Company Solutions.