Our Peak Programs specialize in maximizing your potential in your career while supporting and supplementing the work you already put in. Taking your idea and giving it the research needed, operational structure and support to succeed allows you to maximize your career. We have monthly programs and contingent programs to support our clients with the utmost confidentiality and respect.  More than a life coach, its a career coach with experience, education and guidance.  With different pay structures to maximize careers of all levels (bonus tie in, monthly contracts and more). We provide the balance and support needed when its needed.

Think of us as the career assistant you call on when you need them.  You might not need us but 2 weeks a year, but having someone support and propel your career when its needed with timely support can be the difference needed to take your career to the next level.

Peak Programs (Individual)

Leadership Counseling
Confidential Support
Career Leadership development
Individualized support and seminars

Career Auditing
Path Evaluation
Career path auditing
Company to growth potential
Exit strategy development

Strategic Planning and Support
Developing your ideas to actionable systems and content
Project development
Project Research

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