What are Blue Rock’s Solutions?


Blue Rock Consultants

Blue Rock was founded by Charles D’Amico to maximize a company’s efficiency, growth and ultimately profits.  With an approach based in project (not hourly) and aggressive contingent based pay structures (we don’t get paid unless we produce) the solution to help you maximize your margins is just a phone call away.  When people ask, “who is Blue Rock” we answer, Solutions that profit.  It may seem simplistic, but we focus on the margins, operations and people needed to keep your business profitable for years to come.  There are plenty of apps and software solutions, but who is ensuring you are maximizing those efforts? Who is ensuring that the tools you use are being utilized, employees are being maximized and operations are fluid?  That is who Blue Rock is, that is what we do, we are bringing back the human element to solutions.

Blue Rock has worked within the service industry for nearly two decades.  Helping companies maximize their ability to profit with simple, real world solutions and support. It’s about leaving a lasting impression that carries on long after we’re gone.  What good is a system, if you don’t have the proper people operating it?

Blue Rock Specializes in

We specialize in supporting your company in the solutions you need.  We know this can sound vague; between our team and the network we work within, we have the ability to solve all of your problems.  The most common enemy of a companies growth is “time” and utilizing it properly.  Not having enough time to operate their company, research what is needed and develop the systems needed to grow in a competitive market leads to the failure of many.

What had started out as a venture to support small businesses and restaurants had grown to serve companies of all sizes, careers of all levels and an overall support structure consistent with the human element of our days.  When evaluating a company the most common issues we see lie in the human element of operations, communication and systems development.  Through these variables we find the holes that need to be filled, systems that need to be adjusted and operations to be evolved.

What Industries have we worked with?

Restaurants (Fine Dining, Sports bars, QSR and Catering)

Maintenance (Heating/Cooling, Refrigeration, Kitchen equipment… Etc)

Financial Industry (alternative lenders, loan underwriters & Loan companies)

Tech Industry (Security Companies, Point of Sale…Etc)

What Services do we Provide?

Created customer Intake forms

Design Systems for better Daily Operations

Design Inventory Systems

Human Resources Analytics

Custom Bonus Systems

Partnership Building (bridging two strong companies)

Margin Maximizing (across all industries)

Problem Solving Workshops

Leadership workshops

Leadership Development Programs

What is the Blue Rock Happy Hour?

Being founded in the restaurant and service industry we work to end every day with free services to new and potential clients.  Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4p-5p we give free consultation.  We do this because we understand not every customer has the money to pay someone to help them out (especially when they are in need).  That is why we work with them, donate our time and allow them to make some necessary changes where they can succeed.  The founder understands there are plenty of clients out there, and the more people we help the better it is long-term for everyone.

Blue Rock Happy Hour
Blue Rocks Continued effort to help all size businesses and Careers.